Yet more frustration

29 09 2007
Bangor City 1 Caersws 1
Welsh Premier League
Bangor are in danger of being left behind, no-one wants to admit it but everybody fears it. The season wasn’t going to script written in our heads;

Hero returns; Good players arrive; Big Les returns; Hope arrives; Steady progress is made; Beat Airbus 7-0 away; Beat Rhyl, silencing their charming fans; Beat XXX XXX XXXXXX; Beat Llanelli; Win the League at a canter; Beat Rhyl in Welsh Cup Final thanks to a last minute Lee Hunt O.G; Draw Luxembourg’s champions in European Cup and beat them on 3-0 at the new ground; Draw Celtic in next round and lose with our heads held high; Rhyl go bust. It was written in the stars.

Unfortunately reality has intruded and we lie near the bottom of the league. Although our league position was not what we want we should not panic, hope is not lost. If we won today we’d move up some places. There were other reasons to look on the bright side too. We’d been unlucky in a couple of the matches. We hadn’t played well for a whole 90 minutes but we’d shown some flashes of good football. Finally we’d only played 7 games, we could still finish third or even second. We still had a chance in the cups too.

The level of discontent on the internet was rising, spleens were being vented. We were hopeless. We were clueless. The cycle of underachievement was continuing – we’d never win anything ever again. We needed new players. The players weren’t trying. The end was nigh.

The line between failure and greatness seems to be pencil-line thin; when Bangor lose we have the worst team that’s ever worn the club’s shirts whereas when Bangor win there is less invective. Like all of the fans I found the last few games deeply frustrating but never felt the need to slag off the team, call me whiter than white but I don‘t see what it achieves, it‘s only a personal opinion. I appreciate the irony of that in this context. There were more internet outbursts after today’s match.

I was still in the shop when a loud cheer was ejaculated; a goal had been scored. When I took my place Livzy assured me that it had been a very good finish by Sion. Bangor were attacking well and the passing was crisp. One particular pass was amazing; a 30 yarder from Limbo that bisected 3 defenders and landed at the feet of Sion. Sion looked like he could beat the defender every time. It looked like we’d clicked in this game. Then Caersws equalised, from a rather soft penalty too.

This was typical, we were playing a team in the relegation zone, we were creating chances and looking comfortable. Yet now we were drawing, how embarrassing! It seemed that every chance to start building solid foundations was being thwarted at present. Maybe this thought came too quickly as we still had the second half in front of us.Ah, the second half, it could have been good but it wasn’t. Basically we weren’t as fluid in possession. Caersws might have even won; Smith made several good saves. We still created chances but failed to take any. Near the end of the match we should have had a penalty. It was clear to everyone apart from Parry.For the third week in a row a team from mid Wales had frustrated us. Was it something in the air around there? Was frustrating football the only tactic utilised? Maybe Livzy was right and we’d scored too early. Maybe our demeanour was shaken by the very early goal and we struggled with the ease of the game. Maybe we were unlucky, maybe we were crap, maybe Nev had walked under a ladder this morning. Football the game of a thousand questions.

After the match the internet was busy again. One contributor had decided that Nev seems to have no clue. If we’d taken our chances there would have been no need for him to air his thoughts. Funny isn’t it? Do some people just like moaning? Are they agent provocateurs from Rhyl? We must know!!



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