The Ancients beaten

18 09 2007

Bangor City 5 Newi Cefn Druids 1
Welsh Premier League

At first glance today’s opponents should have proven to be no trouble. I apologise if that sounds a little condescending, a little bit too “Rhyl”. Unfortunately football fans seem to think like this at some point or other. Of course ever since they decided to make Leagues football has always been hierarchical, there are stronger teams and there are weaker teams. For most football fans though there is usually a realisation; today’s NOT going to be all that easy – usually when you are losing. Luckily for blues the opponents did prove to be no trouble. We’d have to wait until another game for football to teach us another valuable life lesson.
I saw Big Les as I went past on the bus, he returned my wave. I managed to arrive before the players were warming up today. A case of the “early bird catching the customers”, except not today; I struggled to sell anything. Tonight Liverpool were on TV, therefore no kids, therefore less impulse buying through emotional pressure.

The game was good for Bangor. As I began to watch the play unfold you could see that Bangor were better than Saturday. Was this the result of Sion starting? Bangor created some chances and played some nice stuff. Sion looked dangerous as he ran with the ball. There was some excellent passing too. Bangor eventually took the lead through a Smythe long shot. Druids could have looked dangerous if they’d have used the ball more effectively. Ricky Evans was booked for a flying foul on his return.
At one point three Druids players sprinted towards the linesman. This seemed a little odd as the ball had gone out for a goal kick. Why do some players react with such vehemence over something so inconsequential? If Bangor had’ve scored fair enough but they didn’t, why the anguish boys? 1-0 HT

After half time the metaphorical floodgates opened and Bangor stroked in goal after goal, first Smythe, then Sion followed by Les and Walshie. The Ancients pulled one back to make it 3-1 at one stage. This led to some of the less sunny fans articulating their worries, especially when Druids began to play the ball around. Fortunately there was no need for a furrowed brow as Bangor ploughed on to their victory. Even though we won well Druids’ goalie played very well and made some “expert” saves.

The last time Bangor scored this many was against the same opponents last year, was this match a portent of another difficult season ahead? Maybe but let’s hope not. This match had nearly everything; goals, goal line clearances, good performances all over and a pantomime Villain. Druids’ No.6 gave a mouthful of abuse to us, how silly he looked 5 minutes later when the ball was in the net. The Druids have the nickname Ancients and in a football sense it was apt today, the team looked like pension scheme for ex-Rhyl and Caernarfon players. Hopefully these positive feelings will last for longer than tonight.




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