A week’s a long time in football

13 09 2007

During the last couple of weeks we’ve had; ex-internationals slagging off the manager, players pulling out due to injury and masses of empty seats. All of this means one thing; Wales were playing.

First of all we get Danny Collins pulling out. Collins, you see, preferred to spend time reinforcing his position with relegation fodder Sunderland. It was obviously too much to sit in a stand and support your country. I mean none of us could ever watch a football match with sore legs could we? There seems to be a pattern forming here, it’s not the first time he’s disagreed with the decision of Tosh. But his club pays his wages so who are we to argue.

Then after this you get the blond bombshell opening his mouth again. Three months after his outburst on the morning of the Czech game and he’s repeating the same general accusations. “We’ve gone backwards”, “We’re now a laughing stock” etc etc. This time he’s also using his embroidering skills. Apparently 75,000 turned up to watch a friendly, it was less than half that number. Why don’t you shut up? You’re starting to sound like a child that’s had his toys taken anyway because he didn’t want them and now he misses playing with them, it was YOUR DECISION!!!!!!

This leads on to the empty seats. With players good enough to play for Wales coming out with these remarks is it any wonder that people don’t want to come out and support Wales; “The players can’t be bothered so why should we?”. A false picture is being painted in the media by certain people with an agenda. OK Wales aren’t world beaters but then we’re not that bad either. Apart from Slovakia at Home and Ireland away we haven’t been that bad in this group. You could argue that we were unlucky not to get more in both games against the Czechs. Yesterday’s result showed the type of results we could have got in this qualifying campaign. Plus under Tosh we have been having some good away performances.

When you hold up certain players’ behaviour in comparison to the fans then their stance looks pathetic. Welsh fans can manage to take time off of work, spend hundreds of pounds on each trip and still come back for more. For example there are 5 notable Welsh fans that went to see the U21 game in Sweden the night before we played in Bulgaria in August and they still made it to Bulgaria.

Whereas certain players are unwilling to kick a ball about for a few hours a day for Wales. Even if there is a personality clash it’s only for a few days. Anyway Savage how is Tosh worse than Gould? You managed to put up with that clueless twat after he dropped you for an Italy game. How can you treat people acting like with anything else other than contempt?




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