A League Cup Victory!!

4 09 2007

Connah’s Quay Nomads 0 Bangor City 3
Loosemore’s League Cup

On the way I was picked up by Les. At the time Les saw me I was walking to Connah’s Quay from Flint. Whilst in the back seat I realised that my memory had played tricks upon me as it was obvious I wouldn’t have arrived until Half time with my original mode of transport. Thank God Les turned up in other words.

The Nomads were back in the Deeside Stadium. I’d forgotten about the distance between the crowd and the pitch, we were separated by a running track. I’d also forgotten about the glorious setting; pylons and Shotton steelworks represented the backdrop.

Apparently we were going to be resting a few players tonight and it turned out to be the case when the match started; no Les, no Sion, no Gareth Parry, no Walshy from our first choice team. If you were to take the announcer’s word as truth we’d also signed a few more players; SIAN Edwards, Kieron KILLARKY and Peter HAY. Close, have another go, say what you see.

The match started and it was end to end. Then Bangor conceded a penalty, although the reasoning behind it’s award wasn’t clear to anyone near me. Thankfully Smith saved it.

There is a position that can be termed “Midfield Enforcer” and today we had a perfect example; an enforcer in the sense of the gangland. Wes Killganon was his name, well built was his demeanour, aggression was his outlook. A few “meaty” challenges brought him to my attention, one was a bodycheck on Limbo that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Ice Hockey matches that used to be played near to our location. Luckily for him he could pass too so his soul wasn’t due for eternal damnation.

Lee Webber nearly secured our lead with a deft chip from 8 yards but unfortunately it hit the bar. Bangor eventually went ahead in the 38th minute, through Sargeant, one of the many ex-Nomads now in our ranks. Nomads had chosen to rest a lot of their players but they still managed to create a couple of chances, therefore us fans couldn’t realx. 1-0 HT

In fact I didn’t relax until Limbo scored our second. He finished with what is usually termed aplomb. What also helped us to relax was the keeper, it was good to have a keeper that could deal with crosses. Sion, or was it SIAN?, added the third with a header and we could definitely relax then. We could look at the multitude of moths congregating around the floodlights. We could could bask in the glory of our best result in the League Cup for ages. Les gave me a lift back to Llandudno, what a gentleman!!




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