Same again

1 09 2007

Bangor City Reserves 6 Deiniolen 1
Caernarfon & District League Div. 2

I was asked to run the line again. This time the first half was more boring; nothing happened near me apart from the Deiniolen manager obscuring my view by pacing the line like an expectant father. The ref said he’d have a word but didn’t. This was not surprising as he’d refereed me before and I’d been less than impressed by his display. Consequently I was looking forward to a mass brawl.

Bangor again looked far superior to the opposition and scored 2 in the first half but could have had more. Deiniolen made some dangerous breaks and shot close to the goal a couple of times.

The second half was entertaining. Unfortunately, considering I was meant to be impartial, I took exception to Deiniolen’s left back; firstly he got a Bangor player booked by pointing out that he’d kicked the ball away, finally he was constantly mouthing off; He called me a cheat twice. Fortunately Bangor were slowly tearing Deiniolen apart. Caio Iwan looked good again and Ellison scored more goals.

I was nearly right about the mass brawl as a Deiniolen player went a little over the top. It turned into one of those displays of synchronised gesticulating brought on by perceived threats to Masculinity. No-one was sent off. Deiniolen missed a retaken penalty (they’d scored the first attempt) This didn’t help the stress levels of their players or supporters.

Then the incident that made me feel like a proper Linesman. I felt the full force of supporter frustration. I flagged a Deiniolen player offside. There was no doubt as he was a mile offside. The score was 6-1 to Bangor. Despite these 2 facts I was subjected to a rant in quasi-Welsh (85% Welsh punctuated by Fuck). The incoherent shouting went on for fully 4 minutes. I was now in the same league as Kevin Parry. Jesus I’d better hang up the flag before I get sucked in deeper, I might start developing a haughty attitude.




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