Same again. Same time next year?

31 08 2007

Airbus U.K Broughton 1 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

This year would see our first ever victory at Airbus; our new team would finally beat the Deesiders. This matche was one of the more memorable trips each season; there is always a nice welcome from the social club and we usually stay til midnight.

Today was the first time I can remember arriving here in the daylight, I saw a new dimension to the ground; isolation. At least it wasn’t too windy at the moment. We had a couple of anaesthetic drinks from the social club before we entered the ground. As we queued a familiar figure appeared in view, rotund Rhyl manager Hulse. We’d be hearing of 7 day approaches for Bangor players if they played well no doubt.

After entering we could see the splendour of Airbus’ new stand. A breeze began to stir. Ian walked past me and told me that he’d seen Bleasdale, it was on this ground that he’d allegedly sworn at two Bangor fans last season, would the air be turned blue?

As we waited for the teams deafness could have resulted; Airbus were making up for the lack of PA facilities in other clubs with their volume. We were attacking the airfield end in the first half, or as those of us who’d seen a Fox 2 years ago, the Fox end. The first half was unremarkable; neither side created many chances although Bangor did look slightly more capable of creating something, despite the wind in their faces. The closest Bangor came was from a few set pieces. 0-0 HT

At half time I perused the club shop’s stock. I noticed a groundhopper (the usual sign, discussing travelling arrangements) and tried to distance myself from him. I saw a rather lovely Shaktar Donetsk Programme, my eyes were drawn by the Ukrainian script. Spot the irony in that.

The second half started in an unsettling fashion, Airbus scored. I thought that it was an aesthetically pleasing swivel and volley but the Airbus players made a little too much of it for my taste, it was only a league game after all. We still kept the faith though. Unfortunately Bangor played mostly long balls and most of those were inaccurate; they tended to travel that little bit too far. When we did create an opening, after Stotty appeared, the final ball was slightly behind Mutton so we couldn’t take advantage.

The fact that Bangor didn’t play that well was bad enough but the main reason that we left Airbus with nothing was the ref. Firstly there was a clear, as an azure sky of deepest summer, penalty turned down. Then we had the ball over the line, in a clear as an unmuddied lake kind of way, but the ref went against Bangor again. That left us seething. We were leaving Airbus without 3 points yet again.

We didn’t stay as long as normal this year although I did have a nice chat with Dave, the guy who has recently been awarded the distinction of editing Airbus’ match reports for the programme. The A55 beckoned at 10 with that familiar frustrated feeling.




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