28 08 2007
As I casually perused the Welsh squad list for the upcoming games I realised that Welsh people are the victims of a giant conspiracy of indifference, if not hostility. It first became clear as I scanned the clubs of the players involved. Carl Robinson is apparently playing for Toronto FC in the MLS, yes that’s right, he’s playing in the MLS! Surely he can’t be otherwise we’d have heard something before. Where the weeks of build-up? Where were the minute-by-minute accounts of his journey on Sky Sports News? Where is Carl Robinson’s Major League Soccer Programme on Channel 5, presented by the ever-lovely Tim Lovejoy?. It seems that unlike other British players the Welsh Midfield general slipped in unannounced. Why was it unannounced? One word, Prejudice.

There is other evidence on that squad list. Lewin Nyatanga, Wales youngest International and now a veteran at 18, isn’t playing for Derby in the Premiership. He’s on loan at Barnsley, just like last season. So which world-class player did the genius Billy Davies bring in to replace him, Andy Griffin (Wales Caps 0).

This is a historical phenomenon too. Which year did they stop the European Golden boot? 1993, when a Welsh player scored the most league goals in Europe. Now the award is back but they’ve waited each league so a player in the Welsh Premier League would have to score 340 goals in a season just to be in with a chance of finishing in the top 10.

My final point, and one which clinches the argument. When was the last time the Welsh team had an easier draw than England?



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