Haverfordwest go west

25 08 2007
Bangor City 2 Haverfordwest 0
Welsh Premier League

Our first win would come today or, to be slightly more correct, it should come today. We were playing a team that we managed to beat 4-1 last season when we were less than consistent. Football doesn’t really follow logic so we’d probably get stuffed. Even though things looked more positive I still couldn’t shake the feeling of impending doom from the last two reasons, something that was usually around the corner when things appeared to be good. However I’m an optimist so I was also confident that we would be progressing step by step towards footballing nirvana and return to our natural state of being better than that shower up the coast. Who said the human mind was complicated.

Today the shop was almost inundated by customers, several were from Germany, Hamburg as far as I could tell. I saw later that they hadn’t come in one group, what are the chances of that happening? Were they members of a millennial cult? Had they see impending doom? Were they coming before it was too late? Touchingly, one of the German travellers seemed particularly well informed about Bangor. I couldn’t imagine Rhyl being so popular but then what did I know? Everybody’s heard of Rhyl, their result’s put on the map of Europe. One visitor bought a T-shirt and another wanted a postcard-sized photo, something we didn’t have unfortunately. Being anxious to please I took his e-mail address and promised to satisfy his requirements.

In the first half the game went well up to a point. The first goal came as we were chatting. Dewi displayed a remarkable sense of timing. Hoy couldn’t header the boy very. The scorer was Hoy and he used his head. BANG!! The net shook and we were happy. We should have been ahead by a little more than 1 at half-time. We’d played some nice stuff in patches but we didn’t appear to be too sure-footed when we got near the area. 1-1 HT

The second half was good. Maybe we were a second half team. The passing was accurate more often but if you were a critical person not accurate often enough. Some chances were created but not taken. In fact it wasn’t until Stotty came on that we had a definite cutting edge. Almost immediately he won a penalty, Smythe wrestled the ball away from him and planted the ball in the top corner. Dewi’s premonition had come true again, he’d said to a work colleague that we don’t get penalties, Rhyl are in trouble he said they won’t get relegated. After this we created several more chances. Les had worked well all game. He ran with the ball effectively and when he didn’t have possession harried the defenders into conceding possession.

Dewi and I had a philosophical discussion about art and beauty during the second half. The context of or analysis was whether it was ok just to go for the win or you had to try and play attractive football, which approach would satisfy your soul? We stumbled over the issue and came to the conclusion that pragmatism is an means to an end but Idealism should be strived for. In other words we’d take a deflected last-minute own goal to secure victory over Rhyl today but we’d like to have a free-flowing exhibition of total football tomorrow, winning 5-0 at Belle Vue. Now that I’ve written it down I feel that we were in the middle of Land and Freedom. With all this in mind we accepted a good 2-0 victory in the hope of fantastic victories later on in the season. It felt good to have a positive outlook whilst watching Bangor again.




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