At it again!

25 08 2007
We’ve all had a couple of days to digest the story from the Daily Post. It went something like this; Rhyl fans had been “attacked” with missles during Tuesday’s game but the stewards didn’t throw the culprits out. I don’t dispute the basic facts. I noticed a few little twats skulking around, where they lead trouble seems to follow. To say that this is regretable is an understatement, it’s very dangerous. It also casts Bangor in a bad light too.

What I mainly object to is the use of this incident by Rhyl fans and the tone of the article; the vulnaribility of Kids etc etc. Firstly, it’s not as if their more vocal/twattish fans are above the same kind of behaviour. At last season’s League match at Belle Vue a bottle was thrown at Havard, our goalie, and our Kit man Robert had a ball thrown in his face, cutting it. At the earlier League Cup match a lot of their more vocal fans were singing disgusting songs about sexual assault. They weren’t worried about their welfare of their younger fans then. Like the Rhyl fans I reported this to a steward, his reply was along the lines of “What do you expect me to do?” Rhyl’s stewards aren’t much better either then. But where were the headlines about that? Having said that, this in no way justifies bottles being thrown.

Secondly, some of their more vocal fans stride around the ground with an air of disdain, somehow we are now so inferior. This is despite the fact that Rhyl’s success is only recent and they’ve been in Bangor’s shadow for the majority of the last 50 years, but what do small details like that matter? I’m sure this must put people’s backs up. Again this doesn’t justify an attack by bottle, there are quite a few ordinary, decent fans too after all. How are we meant to stop this kind of thing happening when people have this kind of attitude?

One of the nice things about the Welsh Premier League is that you can travel all over Wales visiting clubs and receive a warm welcome, even in Caernarfon’s social club!! You can enjoy a few drinks in a friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately you can’t seem to do this with Rhyl fans. For example, last year three of us spent about 10 minutes being glared at having a post match drink in the Millbank, the closest pub to Belle Vue, needless to say we didn’t hang around. I can’t understand this bitter attitude, Rhyl are enjoying their most successful period and yet they still spend half their time signing songs about hating Bangor. Some Rhyl Fans appear to have no class.

My advice to the more vocal Rhyl fans is grow up. Stop trying to manufacture some kind of bogus hatred. For example you could stop winding up other fans on their clubs’ websites, especially when you don’t allow other fans the same priviledge on your website. Surely stoking up this kind of feeling partly explains why incidents like Tuesday’s happens. You can have rivalry without hate.*

*These Criticisms are not meant to be taken as jusitifications for tthe attack on Tueday. They are just my thoughts.




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