Reserving Judgement

22 08 2007
Caernarfon Town Reserves 0 Bangor City Reserves 0
Caernarfon & District League

The Supporter’s Association had agreed to back the reserves this year. The reserves were needed and would be useful in a couple of ways; Firstly, for example, a promising player might play a couple of games for Bangor but then become frustrated at a lack of further opportunities. They may want to play regularly and this will usually be at a lower level.

Bangor would be able to offer football at a lower level with a reserve team, therefore retaining promising players. Players can sometimes settle at these smaller clubs. The imposition of one club rule also applies here. Until last season players could play for one club at the weekend and a different one, usually at a lower level, during the week. This tended to happen quite often. Young player wouldn’t now need to find a club at a lower level, in fact they wouldn’t be allowed to.

Secondly, the reserves could be a bridge between the phenomenally successful academy and the first team. Theoretically it could provide some good local talent. After the decision backing the reserves had been made it took a while before they became a reality. They are happening because I was on my way to Caernarfon.

As it was a local derby I thought I’d make the effort to attend, even though this clashed with Wales on TV. I arrived a little late to find a minuscule crowd. I didn’t find many minuscule players in the Caernarfon side though. They didn’t seem to using the reserves in the same way as Bangor. They looked to have raided the nearest pub for some willing volunteers. Bangor on the other hand had a smattering of players with first team experience.

The football Bangor played seemed to be too much for some of the Cofis; lunges were made into thin air, players were dummied with the slightest feint, passes cut threw the defence with ease. The Caernarfon tactics seemed to revolve around booting the ball as hard as possible. One particular hoof drew the laughs of the crowd; it cleared the outer wall by 50 feet, why pass it out when you could do that?

Bangor somehow didn’t score in the first half. The enjoyment Dewi and I gained from this game was heightened by the linesman on our side. He was a representative from Caernarfon, one team provide a linesman at this level, and he was great. Not only did he coach but he also used some of the most high-volume industrial language that I’ve heard at a match for a while;

“Ar y fuckin’ Chiwth!!!!, Jesu!!!”,
“Amser, Fuckin’ Amser!!!”.

It was the unmistakable North Walian Anglo-Welsh patiois. It was the amount that was impressive, they came out in a foul-mouthed stream. He seemed to be very riled by something. Football at this level won’t have the calibre of players that are mistake-free. It seems a little nonsensical to become apoplectic criticising mistakes; they are likely to be plentiful and it’s a long season.

Half time meant the clubhouse and Wales on TV. I found the prospect of witnessing a Welsh victory too enticing to return to the action too quickly. With the victory in Bulgaria secured I returned to find more lumpen football from the Cofis and more missed chances from the Blues.

We went around the ground to feel the last warmth of the sun and had a good view of a couple more Bangor misses. We also had a good view of Caernarfon’s goalie insulting Bangor’s president. GPO had the temerity to criticise the length of time the keeper took deliberating which sideline to put the ball over. GPO was at risk of suffering from a case of attack, Dewi informed me that he had “form”. The sun was disappearing from view behind the houses as we left.




2 responses

27 08 2007
Jet Set Matt

Thank you for the info, that’s what you get for listening to people at matches

27 08 2007

Matt, it was the Caernarfon & District League NOT Anglesey League!

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