They’re back again

21 08 2007
Bangor City 0 Rhyl 1
Loosemore’s League Cup

Our second game of the season and look who’s in town, Rhyl, the finest team on the planet. Despite this indisputable fact I felt confident; we had Les and other more substantial players this time. We’d give a game this time.

I felt a little unsettled in the shop today, a Rhyl fan poked his smirking head through my door. His countenance was one of contempt, rightly, as Rhyl are an example to us all. I mean we should be thankful to be in the same League as them. I sold £25 worth of stuff this time. I’m getting good at this, my next stop will be the Apprentice with my sharp business brain. I’ll be attempting to get funding for my invention, motorised shoes. It’s an untapped market.

I took my place in the stand and noticed the relatively large number of Rhyl fans, it’s amazing what the school holidays mean for numbers. Rhyl’s homeowners should be relieved, their streets must be free of sullen youngsters.

At first Bangor looked to be in trouble as Rhyl mounted several attacks before we managed to get a foothold in the game. Then , all of a sudden, I saw him. Paul O’Neil in White. How could he, it didn’t look right. About 10 minutes later Bangor were gaining that foothold, we began to look dangerous. There’s a definite sense of speed in our attack this season. There also seems to be a better passing dimension too; several times telling passes were made, they even reached their intended destination. You could tell that Bangor weren’t intimidated by Rhyl this time. It was 0-0 at half time despite Rhyl employing the same pub-team tactics they use so well. I still felt positive. Bangor had created 3 or 4 chances and that seemed to bode well for the second half. One sour note was O’Neil’s foul on Sion.

If things went the same way as Saturday we’d win 4-0. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Every time Bangor looked dangerous Rhyl’s defence snapped into action, if not cynically, then by ganging up. One disquieting detail was the sight of O’Neil fouling Sion a couple of times. How soon he seems to have learned the Rhyl Way. Lee Hunt was his usual odious self. Several challenges on the goalie were of the usual sort. There was talk of re-signing him but Rhyl can keep him, although if we did sign him he’d be doing that to other keepers and not ours.

It was no surprise that “Elbows” scored the winner. He always seems to, the dirty scally bastard. Bangor hadn’t really played in the second half. We struggled to remember a Bangor shot on target. On the whole though, it wasn’t a bad performance. Mind you this was against the team that according to some Rhyl fans was the best they’d ever had in the League of Wales, so maybe I should say an excellent performance. To judge Rhyl on this performance, if this was the best they had to offer then at least we know the WPL is not immune from hype. Roll on Saturday.




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