A football match!!

5 07 2007

Daily Post 1 Celebrities 5
Charity Match, Colwyn Bay

Joel told me about a charity match weeks ago. At one stage he was playing in it, at another stage I may have been needed as recruits were a bit scarce. As time passed so did our chances of playing. Consequently the whole thing had fallen out of my conciousness. Last night it popped back in when Joel mentioned he was going.

The chance to see Ian Rush and Alan Kennedy in the flesh was too good to turn down. The closet I’d previously been to seeing Rushy in the flesh was in 1998, Wales v Italy at Anfield. It didn’t help that I was in the toilet when he walked past. All of my mates present at the time assured me that he had walked past. I couldn’t turn down another chance.

I arrived a little late but it didn’t seem to matter, charity brings out the sunny side of peoples’ personalities. I found Joel but for some reason he’d decided to sit in an area where the view from the seats was obscured by a floodlight pylon on one side and a girder on the other. Luckily, it didn’t obscure my view of Rushy.

He still had the gait of a pro although the now silver-haired fox was without the trademark moustache. I scanned the rest of the celebrities and you could actually recognise some of them. We had Mickey Thomas, Alan Kennedy, Peter Davenport, Bryn Law (Sky Sports Reporter), Robin Mc Bryde in goal (ex-Welsh Rugby international), Les Battersby and the drummer from Dare (a Llandudno music mainstay) that used to be in Hawkwind.

Joel informed me that his side, the Daily Post, were doing well and winning 1-0. He didn’t recognise everyone in his team; ringers were being used. Rushy looked good, I hadn’t realised that he could dribble with the ball before. Dav and Alan Kennedy looked comfortable at the back and Mickey Thomas flattered to deceive. Les Battersby went off quite early on.

The Daily Post team looked like they were full of verve, or at least overconfidence. They threstened to score on a few ocassions but were let down by their lack of composure. Half time’s score was 1-1.

I wandered into the snack bar of Eirias Park just before half time to find something thirst-quenching. Not only did I find a drink but as I walked through the sports hall I found the celebrity team lounging in the corridor. There’s something about the smell hanging around such a group that takes me back to my playing days; the smell of ralgex immeadiately reminds me of crushed dreams and uber-confident piss takers. As I walked as I repressed the bitter memories.

Rushy and Alan Kennedy were signing autographs. They never refused anyone and put off their half-time refreshments. I wouldn’t havre expected anything less of a living legend such as Rushy. They did eventually go in.

When they returned we all got a close up view and it was a good feeling being so close to such sweaty greatness. Alan Kennedy even tried to shoot us with a banana. LEGEND!! As the Daily Post’s team re-entered the fray I recognised one of the ringers, he was one the ultra-confident Soccer AM wannabes that have infrequently graced our Monday night football. “Why pass when 3 step overs and a flick to no-one would do” was his motto. I would keep a keen eye on his progress.

He did ok for a little bit; a couple of nice runs, some good passes and a couple of shots. Unfortunately he tried to do something ridiculous; He tried to nutmeg Rushy. Yes, an over confident youngster tried to make a European Cup winning legend look stupid. Well at least I had something in common with Rushy now. I was amazed by the gall of it, how dare he! Who the hell was he to be sharing a pitch with such exalted compnay never mind attepting that load of bollocks, the cocky little shit. Karma dictated that he failed and he did. Karma also seemed to be playing a part in the Daily Post getting hammered, along with gretater skill, fitness and co-ordination.

The goals flowed, four more, including one set up for a little boy by Rushy. We all left shortly afterwards. The cocky one showed yet more graceless behaviour when he disdainfully offered Rushy his hand as he was turning. Les Battersby said “Alright!!” to me on the way out. Yet more Jet Set company.




2 responses

12 07 2007
Jet Set Matt

It’s tragic isn’t it! Well I’ve only got to wait until Tuesday to see Bangor Vs Mynydd Isa.

Happy Days are here again!!

10 07 2007

You’re really suffering for your fix, aren’t you?

As far as I’m concerned, the season starts this weekend. Worthing vs Brighton, in case you were wondering.

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