Political Correctness gone mad

15 06 2007

I recommend reading the BBC Ceefax letters page (p.145). It never fails to amuse or irritate. It’s at least 5 minutes of entertainment. Unfortunately you can’t read it without wondering about the way in which other people view the world.

Some people see dark conspiracies everywhere; there’s a Scottish mafia; a liberal mafia in the media; loony left councils are everywhere; Europeans are corrupt and very frequently there is a PC Brigade. All of these groups seek to undermine British values.

They are turning England’s green and pleasant land into a place where 200 crimes occur every second, 300 scallies congregate on every wall and 46 Asylum Seekers live in every other house. The biggest culprits appear to be this PC Brigade -maybe the police should concentrate on looking for this shadowy group. To judge from their name they must be military in nature so they wouldn’t be too hard to spot.

I wonder what they’d be like. Well, their uniform must be made by non-sweat shop labour so it will be of the highest quality; their weapons will be made from ethically sourced metals and wood from sustainable forests; their rations will be fair trade and organic; they won’t have a command structure, authority breeds negative self-esteem; orders will be banned, mediated solutions will be decided on collectively. My god I’ve made them sound vicious, I wouldn’t want to run in to them if they really are like this.

These Daily Mail reading little Englanders must be right though, if the World War Two was about anything it was about the right to call a person anything they want to. That’s the trouble with democracy, crackpots have the right not to be shot.



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