Savage Criticism

4 06 2007

“Robbie Savage, the blond midfield stunner, has let fly again over the state of Welsh Football. “We are a laughing stock” claims the member of the “best-ever Welsh team” (If we’d qualified). Robbie poured out his heart exclusively to this paper. King of the Premiership Robbie, a major presence in the “most important Welsh match ever” (Azerbaijan 2003), is heartbroken to see his beloved Wales look so poor under his nemesis, the evil Mr. Toshack or Dr.X as he’s sometimes known.

“We are at the bottom of the Barrel” cries the midfield general. “Without me we are nothing. How dare Wales continue to play football without me. I am the Savage!! I have played for Manchester United, I was mates with Sparky. Fools!!! You’ll regret the day you turned your back on me!! Ha Ha Ha”

This is the basic gist of what Robbie had to say on Saturday. I bought a South Wales Echo to see what the blond bimbo had said. Was it sour grapes? Was he telling the truth? He actually made those quotes about the best ever Welsh team and most important Welsh ever match when he was an integral part of the team so we shouldn’t really question his judgment.

A man so driven by reminding everyone about Tosh’s “cock-ups” should be reminded about a few things. Apparently we’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel, well in 2001-2002 we had the “worst Welsh team ever” and Robbie was a member of that.

“Toshack is a quitter” – Tosh quit after one match in 1994. Hughes accepted a job 2 games into the qualifying campaign 3 years ago, Robbie was an integral part of that team too. Hughes didn’t quit though, he strategically withdrew.

“Where has Toshack taken Welsh football?” Well Savage, if we’d have played like we did against the Czechs on Saturday in the last 6 games of the Euro 2004 qualifiers we might have qualified, instead we shrunk into a defensive attitude that gave the opponents the impetus.

Then there was the criticism emanating from Tosh that Robbie found so hard to stomach in those game. Tosh was only saying what some of us were thinking. Luckily Robbie doesn’t stoop so low. You’ll never find him criticising his fellow professionals, especially not on the morning of a game.

Would you trust the opinion of a man that dived to get a penalty for Leicester and then celebrate like you’ve just scored the winning goal in the European Cup Final. Would you? Robbie is a good player and Wales would probably do with him but it was HIS decision to retire.

Robbie it’s time to engage your brain before speaking. But then who am I to judge the great one, I’m not good enough at football to lace his boots, I am nothing.




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