Cup final woes

19 05 2007

Today is cup final day and one of the most festive football days of the year. Despite this dark mutterings have been emanating from some disgruntled fans; Some special fans, those that paid £10,000 in order to have luxury seats at every game played at Wembley, haven’t received their tickets. A few glitches with the distribution system meant that they may have to go and pick up their tickets. One disgusted Chelsea “fan” was livid. The very idea, picking up your own tickets, it’s political correctness gone mad.

To be fair if I was one of those paying £10,000 for the privilege of siting on a piece of foam-covered plastic 10 times a year I’d be a bit miffed at having to pick up my tickets by hand, I may come into contact with the hoi-polloi. I would expect at least a messenger in uniform to hand me the tickets on a silver platter. I would expect the use of an extra lane on roads to enable a speedy, hold-up free journey to Wembley. In time I would expect our own private railway between a secret location in London and Wembley. They are reasonable demands.

I mean if I was able to fritter away £10,000 on something as frivolous as sporting entertainment then I must be a cut above, consequently I must be treated in a superior manner. This is all a reminder that top-level football may be moving further into the grasp of the well-heeled and slowly disenfranchising the majority of fans, people who’ve supported their teams for years. Some of these well-heeled fans may be self-made people who’ve always supported a club but what if they are not? These arrivistes irritate me, they may provide a good deal of income to helps to finance the increasingly elitist Premier League but will they still be there when football is not quite trendy any more. I doubt it and football will be the poorer, both literally and figuratively. If anyone is interested take my advice, get out while you can and support your local club.




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