A good Friday for the Bay

7 04 2007
Colwyn Bay 2 Cammel Laird 1
Unibond Division 1

The Easter weekend affords the football enthusiast, one that has no other life, the perfect opportunity to fill up their meaningless existence with some activity. As it was a nice day I fancied a walk to the ground from the station, a pleasant 30 minute jaunt through downtown Colwyn Bay.

I arrived for what I thought would be half time but the players were still on the pitch, the game had kicked off late because the ref had been held up. I saw Jiws‘ dad and Cammel Laird scored as we were talking. He said that it was probably deserved. A consensus view in the clubhouse was that the Bay had been dire in the first half so they were fortunate 1-1 was the half time score.

The second half was quite good from a Colwyn Bay perspective; They created a lot of chances. Ex-XXX NXX SXXXXX player John Lawless was good up front for them. Lairds‘ also had a few chances. Colwyn Bay scored about halfway through the second half through my nemesis Robbie Williams. After the ball hit the net he sprinted towards the crowd jabbing his finger aggressively at someone, just like a scally. It was a good finish but why the overly masculine celebration? Sort it out Williams. I favour the Black Power fist thrusting up into the air, much more stylish and more importantly politically sound.

Towards the end of the game a healthy crowd was treated to a streaker flaunting himself. He was obviously a good player; he ran with the ball and finished from a tight angle, a good feat in socks. After he had rejoined the crowd and dressed himself the stewards moved in for their prey. He was escorted out with a Mexican wave of clapping and cheering. As he came round to our end the welcome that greeted him was more tumultuous than for Williams’ goal. He must have under the impression that he mates would follow him out so was a tad peeved when they went to the bar.

The match neared its climax and both teams hoped to score again but neither managed that feat. It had been a good game and by all accounts Lairds were a good team, in particular the number 4. For example on one occassion he made a tackle and then took the ball past his opponent before playing a long pass to his striker’s feet.

As we left I noticed the streaker leaning forlornly against the boot of a car, was his little moment of celebrity worth it? He appeared to thinking along the same lines anyway.



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