A Victory!!

17 02 2007

Bangor City 3 Connahs Quay Nomads 1
Welsh Premier League

I hadn’t been to watch a live match for what felt like an eternity, in ordinary terms; two and a half weeks.) The nature of my addiction is probably to blame for this lack of proportion. Would I still remember the way to Farrar Road? The fact that I hadn’t suffered any blows to the head in the last few weeks meant that this was possible.

Due to Bangor’s moribund season the number of people watching was down from the last game. Those that did turn up watched a first half with some nice play. Bangor had a few opportunities and were doing alright until the Nomads scored. The goal wasn’t really against the run of play; The Nomads had created several chances but hadn’t taken their chance mostly because of Havard’s skills. Stotty contrived to miss an open goal when the ball veered off his foot in an unexpected direction. Bangor therefore trailed at half-time.

At half-time I interviewed Joel and he descended into manager-speak, stating that “Like I said, I don’t want to be losing at half-time but I’d rather be losing at half-time that full time. In the second half we’re going to try and score at least two goals and also stop them from scoring anymore if possible.” Wise words.


With the second half about 2 minutes old Bangor were awarded a penalty and Jiws didn’t miss. Game on!! About 10 minutes later Mark Smyth, a new signing, broke from the halfway line, glided past two Nomads and then slotted the ball past the the prone goalkeeper. Not only were the blues winning but we had witnessed a memorable individual goal. Stotty completed the scoring thanks to a cross by Jiws.

Today’s match was unfortunately incongruous this season. The usual despondency felt by most Bangor fans this season was thankfully absent today and it was welcome relief to see that we can still play a bit. We were now on a three-game winning run!!!! The wistful in the crowd must have been wondering why this feeling hadn’t been felt more often this season.




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