Premier Boredom (The football not the company)

3 02 2007

Liverpool 0 Everton 0

With Bangor out of the Welsh Cup before Christmas it meant that all us Citizens had a day to ourselves. I toyed with the idea of popping along to Flint to see Llandudno play Connah’s Quay but the lure of a birthday binge drinking session was too great. I arrived in Club 147 to find the drinks flowing and the game 3 minutes old.
After securing a seat with a comfortable vantage point I settled down to watch a truly wonderful example of a game from the “WORLD’S MOST EXCITING LEAGUE” (Richard Keys). Watching the game really made me value even more going to watch Bangor. During the first half I began to feel unfulfilled, why had I succumbed to the hype again? Me and my sharply analytical mind reduced to the level of a passive recipient of soccer-tainment. I could be out there in the fresh air, shouting, putting people off and distributing witticisms to my acolytes. Instead I am in Club 147 listening to people shouting at and clapping players that will never hear them.
And another thing, why do these people seem to think they know more than the average person? All they seem to have done is picked up on some journos’ opinion. Why do they also castigate players when they make a mistake? I may not follow every league in the world but I don’t seem to remember any of these faces playing professionally, they don’t seem to have grasped the fact that putting your faith in 11 football players does not always mean that they win, it doesn’t even guarantee effort. Some don’t seem to have realised that your team can lose. My advice would be to accept that fact and grow emotionally. Then you will start to realise that whether your team wins, loses or draws they only ever offer momentary release from the existence that we call life. Anyway the match was crap. There were about 4 shots on target. Ah well, it looks like Everton will win the league again.
After this we got on with the serious business of having a wonderful time in the hostelries of Llandudno; watching Rugby and drinking as much as possible. At about 6 o’clock we left one pub and a thick fog had descended, it put one in mind of a 1970s horror film. Instead of zombies all we had to deal with was scallies. This maybe just as bad, at least zombies don’t tend to wear polyester tracksuits.
By 10:30 we started to go our separate ways but those committed to the party went to the Lounge for a boogie. Joel entertained us with his shape-throwing and this was a fitting end to a quite wonderful Saturday in February.



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