Bay of Plenty

31 01 2007

Colwyn Bay 1 Bangor City 3

If this game had been played a few years ago the result may have been different as Bay were playing at a higher level. This view was widely acknowledged, everyone apart from the teenage Bay fans. They sought to remind us about the old, old issues in the second half and try to create a little animosity.
We travelled to Llanelian Road in anticipation of a keenly contested local derby and a reasonably sized crowd but both would remain unfulfilled desires. Chris came again. Would he be bitten by the Farrar bug like Joel. Unfortunately not as he’s got a history of supporting “The Bay”, even when they were in exile. Maybe it was synchronicity that sent Bangor to play Colwyn Bay just after Chris had sampled Ffordd Farrar, he’s probably seem more of Bangor this season than some people in Bangor.
After a very refreshing pre-match beer and purchase of a golden goal ticket (I drew the 89th minute for the first goal) we took our places behind the far goal from the clubhouse. It was soon evident that our precautions against hypothermia were unnecessary. Global Warming meant higher than usual temperatures. Good news for some but not for the polar ice caps or those who’d just bought a new coat.
The first detail that caught our attention was the teams’ kits. There has surely never been a more colourful combination. Bay wore an all-orange strip whereas City favoured all-yellow. Why both clubs couldn’t have wore their home kits is beyond me. The view was slightly off-putting until your eyes became accustomed.
The match seemed generally scrappy until Bangor began to exert pressure. After that the Bay responded and had a couple of efforts cleared from the vicinity of the goal. Stotty scored the first goal of the match for Bangor. It was scrappy affair where the ball pinged around the area and involved a clearance off the line. Truthfully it may have been disallowed for handball but the Bay keeper confirmed that the first shot had gone over the line anyway. Therefore no guilt on anyone’s moral ledger. On the debit side it meant that none of us would win the golden goal prize. Bangor soon scored again through Jiws. Jiws looked to be offside, why don’t we have these officials in the Welsh Premier League? Two goals that could have been remained unawarded but they didn’t, so take that Colwyn Bay!!!
Joel tried to stimulate some singing but his out-of-tempo efforts were met with silence by the crowd, all 50 of us. After spotting some dereliction I peered over the erstwhile intact wall and found an advertising hoarding that spotted the legend “European Tour”. This was an enigmatic discovery, whatever could it be referring to? Have Colwyn Bay ever taken a pre-season tour to Luxembourg? Had Colwyn Bay played host to a group of Groundhoppers who finally realised the depths of the problem and renounced their hobby on this very terrace? With this issue at the forefront of our minds we made our way around to the clubhouse. As we moved around we noticed yet more new arrivals, including one in a Tranmere jumper.
As I was chatting to Kev, Sion’s dad, Bangor scored their third but distance precluded a clear view of who scored it. A minute later and we had a another refreshing drink in front of us. Unfortunately a less than usual 10 minute half time meant a rushed finish and consequently a slight uncomfortable sensation.
The rest of the first half was really inconsequential apart from the fact that Bangor seemed to have used about 8 subs, most of whom left us guessing their identities. The Bay finally scored but I couldn’t say who had done the deed. After the match the quiz called and we finished 3rd in that.



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