I hate Airbus

12 01 2007
Airbus UK 4 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League
This trip is usually surrounded by a lot of anticipation. The Bangor massive looks forward to it because the social club at Airbus is very welcoming. Unfortunately the club is not as welcoming as we have yet to win here.I met the bus in Abergele along with Pete. On the way to Broughton I sat next to Jiws’ dad and we had an interesting conversation about Bangor’s history punctuated with titbits of gossip. On our bus that meant there were 2 players’ parents as Sion’s dad was also on board. This is another indication of the richness of the Supporters Association membership.

Ian, our driver, took a few wrong turns near the ground as a result of duff information from Davy, our navigator. This has turned into a small tradition as wrong turns have become a feature on our jaunts, in my case a much-anticipated one. Despite our small deviation we arrived with plenty of time for a drink.

With pre-match drinks quaffed we went to the fields of dreams. It is the opinion of many that this is the coldest ground in the Welsh Premier. The presence of an airstrip behind one of the goal affords the wind unfettered access to the spectators. As a result of previous freezings, including one in April, several layers of clothing were thought to be required This bit of forward planning meant that when the wind made its appearance we were all prepared.

Unfortunately the wind was blowing into the faces of the Bangor players so we weren’t able to string many passes together. An attempted long or medium length pass found itself deviating to the left wing. What made the conditions even worse is that the wind seemed to be changing direction or even dropping on occasion. The wind seemed to aiding Airbus sometimes but it was difficult to tell whether they were missing because of that or their ineptitude. As a direct consequence of the wind we didn’t see a shot on target for the first 20 minutes.
Unfortunately Airbus began to utilise the wind and they unleashed a few long-rangers. Fortunately most of these were poor and they ended up behind the goal. Unfortunately one hit the bar and rebounded to an Airbus striker, who put the ball in the net. After this Bangor had a really good chance to equalise but Paul O’Neill had his header cleared. Despite the lack of real efforts on goal from Bangor most fans seemed to be of my opinion; at least we’ll have the wind and this will be more of a leveller. At the same time the pessimistic side of my personality thought that the wind would either stop or change direction.

As usual the pessimistic side was not disappointed. The wind did drop gradually during the second half. Unfortunately that does not fully explain why Bangor didn’t play well. Within 20 minutes of half-time Airbus scored 3 more goals. The pre-match optimism totally evaporated as Airbus belied their lowly position. Or was it Bangor playing badly? I’d go for the latter as Airbus seemed to go through the blues at will. With no positive result possible all we had to amuse ourselves was the volume level of Bleo’s shouting, which was terrific.

Jiws finally scored, with a penalty, on 75 minutes. Airbus’ goalie for reasons best known to himself decided to keep hold of the ball instead of letting a Bangor player retrieve it. Maybe the fact that they were 4-1 up had freaked him out and caused him to lose his short-term memory, maybe he thought that they were winning 2-1 now so it was only a matter of time before an equaliser would come. Or maybe he’s another anti-social type.

After the game we trudged disconsolately to the wings social club. In times of adversity a bond is created and we all agreed that we’re something special. We are the Special Ones, are you listening Mourinho? You’re not!!!! You’ve never seen you’re team lose 4-1 at Airbus. You’ve never had to endure a gale-force chilling by the side of an airstrip. We have and our souls are the better for it. Keeping the faith indeed.

I saw the secretary of Airbus and he said that that was their biggest ever home win. On top of everything the players didn’t show up, apart from Jiws and Webber, so at least we had some free hot food. Even after that my pessimism took over and I couldn’t help thinking that if they do get relegated at least we wouldn’t have to come here next season and witness another failure to win.




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