Why is it always cold in Glan Conwy?

25 11 2006

Glan Conwy Reserves 2 Y Glannau 3
Halkyn Cup Rd 2

Because Bangor weren’t playing today I chose Glan Conwy reserves as my team to watch. My decision was not a popular one; during the first half I was part of the smallest crowd I’d ever been part of, a grand total of 5 people, including me. In hindsight I know that this is indicative of the level of football, consequently the game was probably one of the worst I’ve seen. Passes were misplaced, shots were overhit, the goalkeepers made mistakes, there were overweight players, am I being uncharitable? Probably. On the other hand I wouldn’t have looked out of place.

I didn’t really care who won until Glan Conwy’s Number 10 showed that he was a prize tosser. No-one was allowed to look at him let alone come into contact yet he declined to show the same courtesy. He challenged every refereeing decision but was never wrong himself. People like this are probably at the root of the problems with referee recruitment.

Another player that caught my attention was Glan Conwy’s number 7. His flashy white boots contrasted well with his orange tan and his general look topped off with a mini-mullet. He strutted around like a peacock yet he was not aversed to a bit of the old ultra violence by the look of it. A winning combination.

In the second half I was joined on the touchline by other young males who seemed like they were no strangers to grooming products, a couple even had those immaculately shaved thin sideburns. Their almost identical attire led one to conclude that they must all own shares in the same gents outfitters, or they’ve formed a boyband. Who’d have thought that metrosexuality would have reached this outpost of North Wales?

All skill was non-existant the game was exciting. Y Glannau went into a 2 goal lead just after half time. Glan Conwy equalised with two goals in three minutes before Y Galnnau scored the winner late on and I took some satisfaction from this. After the game I went in the nearest pub to the station to wait for my train and warm up. In there I found more people than at the ground, they were watching Liverpool.



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21 12 2006

JETSET CHA CHA CHA, JETSET CHA CHA CHA!!! Oi Oi che, joel here – i’m famous, mentioned on the best local footy blog of all

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