Another game against Rhyl to cherish.

27 10 2006

Bangor City 1 Rhyl 4
Loosemoore’s Challenge Cup

I had to sell raffle tickets before this so I had to get there early. This was another job done for the Supporter’s Association, what a nice guy I am. I arrived to find virtually no-one here apart form the players, well it was 45 minutes before kick off. The tickets seemed to be selling well by the time Ian, the main raffle organiser, turned up. I appreciate how hard it is to sell them now. For example students got in free tonight but none of them could be bothered to part with anything for the raffle. I will now pledge to buy raffle tickets more often.

A few Rhyl fans turned up at the same time enthralling everyone with their superior attiutudes expressed in the loudest of tones, as if their flat-pack stadium is an ideal to strived for. Because of the raffle duties I missed the start of the game. By the way I made about £40, good you might think but it was some way short of the record, £130.

Almost as soon as I took my place Jiws put Bangor ahead. All seemed set for a Bangor victory to end our run of defeats against Rhyl. While I drifted off into possible outcomes these dreams ended almost as quickly as they started, as in Caernarfon.(Why do I keep doing this? I’ve been going to football matches long enough now) Bangor contrived to score an own Goal through Newell. Within 15 minutes Rhyl were three up with that elbow-swinging scally tosser Lee Hunt grabbing one. Slack defending meant that Bangor were behind but none of the people around me could positively say that we deserved to be that far behind, just like the game at Belle Vue.

The second half had the illusion of endurng longer that it actually did. The longer it wore on it became more evident that Bangor weren’t going to score never mind draw level. Some chances were created and Rhyl created some more and even hit the crossbar. Cameron added his second for Rhyl. The biggest cheer of the night was when Hunt tried to be clever and dribble the ball around Darren Owen (Our replacement Goalie)and failed miserably. Much abuse came his way after that.

You have to hand it to Hulse for his recruitment policy and the character of his players. Any attempt to play football against Rhyl is halted through their approach of alehouse football,(for example their big left back had to resort to fouling Sion Edwards when he went past, despite the fact he’s twice the size). When that plan is frustrated any attempts to play the long ball game are nullified by the size of the Rhyl players. To me they are just a pub team.



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