Rhyl Sickos

29 08 2006

Rhyl 4 Bangor City 0
(League Cup)

Even after the defeat on Saturday my confidence was still high that we could get something out of this game. I met Dewi and Eifion’s brother on the station platform because I wasn’t sure if there was a reception committee waiting for us outside. I forgot that no-one really goes to watch Rhyl any more, not like the glory days of two games in 2004. There was only the smell of Rhyl to greet us.

The feelings of joy continued as we went to the cashpoint and walked to the ground, Eifion’s brother then dropped the bombshell that the nice new kit would cost £50. I know that Bangor are a bit strapped for cash at the moment but that was taking the michael surely. This news still didn’t dampen my joyous feelings for Bangor as we approached the ground, they weren’t dampened when we kicked off, they weren’t when I saw that there were only about 30 Bangor fans from what I could tell and they weren’t when Rhyl scored their goals. One reason for my lack of sadness was that Bangor did not really deserve it. In my opinion they played well, better than Saturday.

The biggest reason for my continued good feelings was the attitude of the Rhyl fans. I now know that we are definitely morally superior to them. They spent a good deal of the game chanting songs about Sexual assault and were obviously amused with themselves. I couldn’t believe that grown men were descending to such a level in order to wind up the opposition. They had devloped since the UEFA cup match as they now appeared to have about 6 songs about it. So evolution of a kind is possible. The utter depravity of the chanting left me glowing with rage, they must surely have women relatives. When I complained to the head steward he said that I wasn’t the first to complain.

It must piss them off so much that their most hated rivals’ fans can’t be bothered to take them seriously as rivals and actually turn up.




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