"…But we come from BANGOR"

1 04 2006
Bangor City 1 Llanelli 0
Welsh Cup Semi Final

Quite simply, the reason why you like football. There was a carnival atmosphere amongst Bangor’s travelling hordes at the start of the day, one that was not even dampened by the fact that I made everybody else leave later than planned. Songs were rehersed on the way down. The best example being; “Bangor City, oh, Bangor City NA NA NA NA NA NA NAAAAA” to the tune of La Cucharata. Most passengers predicting “we might just do it, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion.” How right they would turn out to be.

We arrived in Aber to find that the Weatherspoons did not want people with football colours, everything apart from Beige and Puce was OK then, we had one drink there then on to other hostalries.

As the beer / cider followed so did the songs. One of the inebriated Bangor Aye massive proceeded to become the spitting image of Bruce Willis in his vest. The chairman’s appearance was greated with affectionate songs. El Bangorito trying to devour a large plate of Nachos was another image to treasure.

The game; Bangor started well enough by scoring after 5 minutes through Paul O’Neill, met with much jubilation around me. In fact I was visible on TV jumping around. As the first half progressed the singing continued, I can’t really remember much about the match apart from the singing, due to the flowing adrenelin no doubt.

The second half seemed to drag a bit as nerves started to fray. Cortez Belle appeared to brake O’Neill’s nose and turned out to be true so it was a heroic afternoon from the captain. Indeed a truly heroic day in all senses and one not to be forgotten, especially when three of the players came into our pub after the game.




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